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Why You Must Lock Up Your Ecommerce Market Spot Before It Gets Too Late!

The increased need for accessibility and convenience in online shopping arsenal has nurtured hard as nails competition amongst ecommerce solutions. With each passing day, many beneficial tools are released with their notable features. Yes, it becomes be an intimidating task when you go one-on-one with securing the best one for your venture.

The crucial question that needs to be asked is – which is the best ecommerce solution for startups, and which is the best option for small budget entrepreneurs?

Widely-used Ecommerce platforms

  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • Volusion

Ecommerce Platform for Small Business

Usually, small businesses have different needs than that of larger enterprise, and an individual-level venture. A small business owner must be smart enough to not to cross the fine line between company’s budget and essential features required.

Shopify has been offering its top-notch ecommerce services for very long, and has an overall positive reputation among its users. What small business owners like the most about Shopify are its low-cost plans, which are not too costly for users! Typically, users find Shopify’s interface too easy and simple to navigate. Apart from it, customizable themes and even for users with minimal technical knowledge makes this platform worth checking out.

BigCommerce offers almost similar ecommerce features than Shopify does. Likewise, pricing offered by BigCommerce is almost jam-packed with Shopify and even enjoys the same level of popularity from users as Shopify does. At the end, the unique feature that makes Shopify superior platform than BigCommerce is its remarkable app developer support.

WooCommerce is another option that many small business owners consider for their venture. Since it connects downright to the WordPress, those who already installed this plug-in would find WooCommerce a better option. Also, WooCommerce offers wide flexibility, in case business grows. However, one downside is that users who don’t have coding skills may found it difficult to use this platform.

Best Ecommerce Platform for Small Budgets

Considering number of budget-constraint users, the need for free Ecommerce platforms has been also provoked. Some options are:

  • WooCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • OSCommerce


Being an open-source ecommerce plugin, you can’t say its services are absolutely free unless a condition is met. That condition is to have a technical knowledge over coding. The more knowledgeable user will be, the easier store setup will get. In such case, you don’t have to sacrifice for functionalities and you also remain pre-determined on your budget.


OpenCart offers a free basic plan. However, if you can pay for more features, OpenCart also provides various add-ons.

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